Eco-friendly business is by design
Aug. 05, 2008

jason feaga, 18 visions design and 18 visions green

The owner of a Frederick web and graphic design firm has launched an eco-friendly division.

Jason Feaga, owner of 18 Visions Design, has created 18 Visions Green, which offers customers the option of environmentally-friendly materials for printing and promotion.

Feaga tries to steer customers into using products that are made from recyclable materials, including ink.

The 18 Visions Green website lists the products, including the percentage of recyclable materials for each product. For Feaga, going green is nothing new.

“I’m not jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve always been aware of the environment, and starting this branch is a way to increase awareness,” Feaga said.

Seventy percent of Feaga’s more than 100 customers hire him primarily for web design, although he hopes 18 Visions Green will increase his number of print clients.

“I want to take the reputation I’ve built and promote something I strongly believe in,” he said.

Prices for green printing have come down enough so that the cost for customers isn’t much more than traditional methods, he said. “That’s why I can offer the products,” Feaga said. “If clients don’t want green printing options, I’ll use traditional printing. I have to make a living; I do what they ask,” he said.

“My goal is to steer them in another direction.” Feaga has been offering green print options for about a year, but clients have been reluctant, preferring traditional printing, he said.

Even larger companies are slow to offer green products because the demand is slow, Feaga said.

Feaga doesn’t expect to earn much of a profit, but that could change. “I want to be ahead of the curve. When the demand comes, I’ll already be waiting,” he said.

18 Visions Design sprouts 18 Visions Green
Aug. 03, 2008

18 visions green18 Visions Design is excited to announce its new branch 18 Visions Green. The goal of 18 Visions Green is to promote “Green Business” to our new and existing clients.  This includes offering sustainable, eco-friendly printing, featuring recycled papers from New Leaf, green promotional materials made from environmentally safe materials, and organic fabrics printed with soy inks. We are also reaching out to local businesses to form a “Green Community”. This community will be comprised of businesses who share the same common environmental goals.

18 Visions Green is recognized as a socially and environmentally responsible business by Co-op America and is among 2008’s progressive business leaders who are solving today’s tough social and environmental problems. Please join the global effort to “Save Our Planet”!

• Learn more about our Green Community and Advertising
• View our “Green” Apparel, Promotional and Print Products
• Review our Environmental Glossary and Get Eco Facts
• Read the 18 Visions Green Blog

 Visit www.18VisionsGreen.com to learn more!

18 Visions Design Announces Latest Clients
Jul. 11, 2008

18 Visions Design, LLC, a full service print and web design firm is excited to announce the addition of several new clients to its growing business. 18 Visions Design will be providing corporate identity, signage, print marketing and web design and development for these companies. The new clients include:

■ Creekside Executive Suites
■ DesignTech, Inc.
■ First Response Custom Sewing, Inc.
■ Glory Energy Solutions
■ Ken Burton International
■ May’s Restaurant
■ Medical Information Detectives
■ O’ Leary Asphalt Inc.
■ The Thurmont Times

18 Visions Design appears in Big Book of Logos 5
Feb. 06, 2008

Frederick, Maryland - 18 Visions Design is among the 130 plus contributing artists, agencies and designers included in the publication 18 visions design big book of logos 5David E. Carter’s, The Big Book of Logos 5. The Big Book of Logos 5 is a collection of logo designs from around the world.

A noted authority on the subjects of graphic design, logo design, and corporate branding, David E. Carter has produced over 100 best-selling books in those fields, including The Big Book of Logos, The Big Book of New Design Ideas, and The Big Book of Business Cards. He is currently working on several new corporate identity books.

3 logos from 18 Visions Design are among the winning logo designs that are featured in the book, which was recently printed and is available at Amazon.com and bookstores nationwide. The client logos include Williams Home Improvement, Kappe Associates and Layman Real Estate.

18 Visions Design named National Green Business
Dec. 08, 2007

18 visions design national green business18 Visions Design, LLC, a full service print and web design firm has recently been named a nationwide green business. After completing the careful screening process 18 Visions Design is now among 2007’s progressive business leaders who are solving today’s tough social and environmental problems. 18 Vision Design is listed at Greenpages.org and in the 2009 will be included National Green Pages (due out in the fall of 2008).

“We are honored to be among green business leaders” said Jason Feaga, president of 18 Visions Design. “Not only do we practice green business, but we want to pass those practices to our clients. That comes in the form of green apparel screen printing/clothing and traditional paper printing. The use of organic clothing, recycled paper and soy inks are a tremendous benefit to the environment. We will continue to expand our green options in 2008.”

18 Visions Design Latest Clients
Dec. 07, 2007

18 Visions Design, LLC, a full service print and web design firm is excited to announce the addition of eight new clients to its growing business. 18 Visions Design will be providing corporate identity, signage, print marketing and web design and development to these companies. The new clients include:

    ■ American Hartland Classics
    ■ Accounting Software Services
    ■ Diesel Construction
    ■ Green Clean Movers
    ■ Queen Acres Enterprises
    ■ Signature Home Sales
    ■ United Title
    ■ Weigand Associates

“We are very excited to be working with these new and established businesses, “ said Jason Feaga, president of 18 Visions Design. “The referrals we receive prove our existing clients are confident in the services we are providing.”

Work Hard, Play Fair
Sep. 25, 2007

Strong ethics build reputations for Frederick companies
By Jon Stewart News-Post Staff jstewart@fredericknewspost.com

Businesses work hard not only to earn profits but to build reputations that last a lifetime.When times are difficult and the stress on profits is greatest, that’s when it’s tempting to make decisions for short-term gain.But is the income worth the price of lost reputation or survival over the long term?

Jason Feaga has owned 18 Visions Design in Frederick for three years. His firm designs websites, print media and apparel. Feaga has 75 clients, and has not experienced a lull in business, he said. He puts pressure on himself to ensure profits. He recently completed a website for a real estate publication by working all day on Labor Day and until 5:30 p.m. the next day, he said.When meeting clients, Feaga says they are receptive to timelines. “They are willing to wait if you do a good job,” he said. Feaga built his business on small clients and enjoys the oneon-one communication. He recently has added larger clients.“There’s a security blanket with a larger client, but I am not going to look past the small clients who have gotten me here.”

Cancer Patient Assistance Fund
Apr. 01, 2007

18 visions design bowling shirtsVillage Lanes Bowling Alley, Frederick — Each year Oncology Care Consultants of Frederick hold several fundraisers’s to raise money for FMH Cancer Patient Assistance. The FMH Cancer Patient Assistance Fund was established to pay for necessary cancer and pain medications, dietary supplements and medical supplies for any Frederick County resident in need.

The FMH Cancer Patient Assistance Fund held its annual bowl-a-thon on April 1, 2007. There was bowling, greasy pizza and lots of laughs. The Oncology Care Consultants sponsored by 18 Visions Design was able to raise $1250 towards cancer and pain medications, dietary supplements and medical supplies for any Frederick County resident in need. The 18 Visions Design Bowling Team was comprised of Susan Hatter, Crystal Spradlin, Brandy Frech, Karen Tozzolo, Linda Linthicum and Jerra Rice. “We were much honored to participate in this year’s event and already looking forward to next year, Jason Feaga said.”

Thurmont Times Online Newspaper Launches
Aug. 08, 2008

The Thurmont Times online edition launched this week. The site features articles, poll questions, business advertising, local events, and more. The Thurmont Times online edition is one of the more unique sites we have done” said Jason Feaga, owner of 18 Visions Design. Visitors have the ablity to comment on articles, vote on the latest Thurmont chatter and interact within the Thurmont Community. The future of the online paper includes video, photo contents and much more. We look foward to the future challanges of the Thurmont Times.

For more information visit http://www.thurmonttimes.com/

Mid-Atlantic Contracting Site Launches
Jul. 21, 2008

18 Visions Design is excited to announce the recent launch of the Mid-Atlantic Contracting website. Mid-Atlantic Contracting located in Springfield, Virginia is a full service licensed, Bonded, and Insured Contractor. Their services range from custom home building, large and small scale residential general contracting, as well as large and small scale commercial general contracting.

For more information visit http://www.macontracting.com/

NAPD Goes Live
Jul. 15, 2008

18 Visions Design is pleased to announce the launch of the National Academy of Professional Development website. NAPD located in downtown Frederick, MD is organized to provide educational resources for the individual seeking to further his/her career in real estate or to gain knowledge about the many aspects of real estate.

“We are very excited about the launch of napdforsuccess.com. Working with Frederick Real Estate Teams is always fun. This site was a bit challanging at times, NAPD is a new venture and the requirements of the site changed several times said Jason Feaga, owner of 18 Visions Design. We where able to encorporate a fresh site design, easy navigation and itegrated CMS to allow NAPD to update the site. NAPD is very excited about the new site!”

For more information visit http://www.napdforsuccess.com

Creekside Suites & Conference Center launch
Jun. 02, 2008

18 Visions Design is excited to announce the launch of the Creekside Suites & Conference Center web site. Creekside Suites & Conference Center is located in downtown Frederick, Maryland. Their executive office suites provide a professional atmosphere with the latest in technology available for the operation of any business. You can contact their offices for more information and schedule a personal tour of the facility.

To view the new site visit http://www.cspscc.com/

Mays Restaurant Website Launches
May. 01, 2008

18 Visions Design is excited to announce the launch of the May’s Restaurant website. For almost 17 years, May’s Restaurant has been serving seafood to the Frederick community. Located on 5640 Urbana Pike (RT 355), May’s specializes in Crabs, Steamed Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Buffets and much more. Frederick Magazine readers have voted May’s the “Best Seafood Restaurant” in 2006, 2007 & 2008.

“Photographing & Designing for May’s Restaurant website was a lot of fun, said Jason Feaga, owner of 18 Visions Design. Everyone in Frederick knows May’s Restaurant, being able to provide the business a new marketing tool is very rewarding and will extend May’s to a whole new audience.”

For more information visit http://www.maysrestaurant.com

Ken Burton International Launches
Apr. 01, 2008

Antique, Historic and a unique site to create. The Ken Burton International website recently launched. Ken Burton International has been an active dealer in fine Antique Weapons since 1975. They specialize in Antique Arms, Antique Weapons, Antique Guns, Bowie Knives, Colt Firearms. Owner Ken Burton has written the book “A Sure Defence, The Bowie Knife Book”.

“From a design standpoint, Ken Burton International was a change of pace, said Jason Feaga, owner of 18 Visions Design. I am certainly a history buff and to get the opportunity to design a site like this was very exciting. We look forward to working with Ken Burton International as the business grows.”

For more information visit http://www.kenburtonint.com/

Glory Energy Solutions Launches
Mar. 20, 2008

A website project that began in June 2007 has finally gone live. The Glory Energy Solutions website officially launched today. Glory Energy Solutions provide energy contracting that consists of energy conservation and renewable energy solutions for residential, small business, builder, agricultural and governmental applications in Maryland.

“We are very excited about the launch of gloryenergysolutions.com. The design and development of this site took careful planning and research. With the need for alternative forms for energy, we especially enjoyed the opportunity to work on this project, said Jason Feaga, owner of 18 Visions Design. Glory Energy is thrilled with the design and green feel the site has. The content will actually be expanding later this spring, products will be available for purchase directly through the site.”

For more information visit http://www.gloryenergysolutions.com/

Medical Information Detectives website launch
Mar. 18, 2008

18 Visions Design is excited to announce the launch of the Medical Information Detectives website. Medical Information Detectives LLC. (MID) was established by Frederic A. Simon Ph.D. in 2006. MID is dedicated to providing patients with information that was factual and pertinent to their medical condition so that they could make an informed decision about their healthcare choices.

18 Visions provided a seamless transition for me to publish the information which was quite technical by nature in a way that was easy for the consumer to navigate, said Mr. Simon. 18 Visions has a unique talent in web and graphic design to express all of the needs of the client in a professional and timely fashion.

For more information visit http://www.yourmdinfo.com/

O Leary Asphalt Launches
Feb. 26, 2008

18 Visions Design is happy to announce the launch of the redesigned O’ Leary Asphalt website. O’Leary Asphalt Inc. is a full service asphalt, concrete, paving and maintenance company serving Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia. O’ Leary Asphalt has been serving the Construction Market for 21 years.

The redesigned website provides users a new look at the services O’ Leary Asphalt provides. “Doing a redesign of an existing site is always a challenge” said Jason Feaga, owner of 18 Visions Design. O’ Leary gave us a lot of creative freedom, something that is always nice. They are very excited about the new site and we are glad to have been a part of it!”

For more information visit http://www.olearyasphalt.com

Weigand Associates web site goes live
Jan. 30, 2008

18 Visions Design recently announced the launch of the WAI website. Weigand Associates, Inc. (WAI) is a Woman Owned Small Business entity located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. WAI was formed in 1993 to provide award winning mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering design services for architecture.

“18 Visions designed a beautiful website and logo that really portrays who we are. Jason Feaga was very easy to work with and always provided immediate feedback and revisions.” said Kristin Hartis, Marketing Manager for WAI.

The redesigned website offers visitors a detailed look at the services WAI provides along with a firm profile and a portfolio of current/past projects.

For more information visit http://www.wainet.net/

18 Visions Design Relaunch
Nov. 07, 2008

18 visions design refreshed logoThe new 18visionsdesign.com has officially launched. The new web 2.0 site features a totally redesigned interface, simple navigation, an integrated blog, searchable database and more. The new site also showcases the updated 18 Visions Design logo. The refreshed logo sports a new font and fits the updated style of the company. In the upcoming months, a new marketing campaign will be centered around the revised look of the logo and website. The campaign includes new business cards, letterhead, rack cards, promotional products and more.

"We have spent several months planning, designing, organizing and implementing the new site, said Jason Feaga, owner of 18 Visions Design. Our goal was to create an experience for our visitors. The site is meant to be simple to use yet creative and unique. We could not be more excited about the site design and the future growth of our business. We have added several new services, including IT support. We want to provide our clients the total technology package. 18 Visions Design has become more than a design firm and that is something we are very proud of!"