Who says you cannot design a logo from a Penguin
Apr. 14, 2009

rockhopper contracting logoWe recently completed a logo design for Rockhopper Contracting LLC. Rockhopper specializes in Pressure Washing, Trim Carpentry, Fences/Decks, Kitchens/Bathrooms and Tree/Stump Removal. The logo design was based on a client provided photo of a Rockhopper Penguin. We took thier "vision" and designed a versatile logo that will convey a fun yet professional feel.

Just a little backdrop on Rockhoppers. They are part of a family of penguins called the crested penguins because of the brightly colored feathers on their heads. These bright feathers look like long eyebrows. Rockhoppers are the smallest of the crested penguins. They eat squid, krill , and other small fish.

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